Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Really I don't need an excuse to have friends over for lunch and games, it always makes the day a little more fun! We decided to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Syndi and Ben. All of us thought that Cinco De Mayo was a celebration of Mexican Independence Day, but we learned that it is really a celebration of when Mexico defeated France and kicked them out of Mexico. I really have felt like I could sleep all week and my energy level is nearing empty. That said, our schooling this week has been the bare necessities and with a lot of coffee for me and not a lot of enthusiasm. I already regularly have tortillas, refried beans, sour cream, chips, salsa and of course, Tabasco. So naturally our celebration had to begin with lunch and included a discussion of why we celebrate and how other people celebrate Cinco De Mayo.
Mikaela came over earlier in the day and helped a bit with the little one's during circle time and individual work time so we were able to get what we had to done quickly. That left the whole afternoon free. Mikaela took Erik shopping so we were one child short.

I remarked that it felt like we were missing 4 children. Not 2 seconds later Taylor came up to me and said, "It feels like 3 kids are missing!"

After the Pinata was broken the children all dove for the spoils and Aaron graciously put some of his treasures aside for Erik when he got home.
Ian said he had thousands of pieces of candy! Thankfully, Syndi only put in a small amount of candy, along with yo-yo's, necklaces, peanuts, and pencils.

We enjoyed a relaxed game of Bocce Ball and a walk/scooter/stroller/bike/Rollerblade ride around the neighborhood.
The children took a small detour to check out the new dirt hills down the road and hunt for snakes. Thankfully they couldn't find any snakes, I think it is because they did not have Erik to look.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and somehow I was still not able to get the children to bed early.....

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