Thursday, June 18, 2009

13 pounds 1/2 ounce

This morning I weighed Libby and she finally passed the 13 pound mark! by 1/2 an ounce but we will take it! She got this adorable headband from a friend at church, Theresa. I think it is so cute! it has interchangeable flowers and bows, what a great idea. I gave her her first solid food today, at 5 1/2 months. She loved the avocados, but I think she enjoyed the praise she received from Ian and Ruby the most.

The other night I saw Sean and Libby on the floor talking to each other but when I got down to take some pictures Libby kept looking at me. Look at the size of Sean's hand. I know the same thing happened to me when I got stung but it still makes me laugh. It looks like a prosthetic.

Sean is getting up and doing Libby's 5 am feeding, using fortified breast milk. It is the first time that he has done any of the feeding for our children and it is really nice to get that little bit of last sleep uninterrupted! He is enjoying the time with Libby and only has to get up 30 minutes earlier than normal. To me, getting up early is a form of torture but he doesn't seem to mind.

I am struggling with discipline in my own life, with exercise, sleep, eating and cleaning. We are entertaining the thought of putting our house back on the market and it means that it has to be spotless all the time. I really am a clean person and I like to vacuum and I like to mop but the endless task of putting things away kills me. The children, especially Taylor, are good at it but it still requires me to "Inspect if I am going to Expect."
Taylor and Aaron are at Ben's studying the American Revolution. Ruby and Libby are napping and Erik is at Grandma's house. So I am off to play with Ian for a bit!


Syndi said...

No!!!! You can't move!! What will I do without you here?

Barker Musings said...

Libby looks awsome. That is so great!

Shannon W said...

Too cute, Carolyn! Sarah was only 11 pounds at 6 months, and now she's taller than I am. Libby is simply adorable!

Nicole said...

I just love the pics of my big bro and little Libby! I bet she'll love the whole milk yogurt someday! I think that was responsible for a lot of Noah's chunkiness!