Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to catch a swarm you ask?
1. Call your husband and have him come home from work
2. Give hubby the bee veil and opt for the bee suit for yourself
3. Climb the neighbor's fence (not as easy as when I was a kid)
4. Give your husband the pruners and long handled shears while holding the ladder steady and hoping not to get stung
5. Climb the ladder and hold the 40 pound box steady with one hand while hanging on to the ladder with the other hand and pray that you don't fall, hubby doesn't fall, and you don't drop the box of bees
6. Pass a fully loaded box of bees over the fence to your 11 year old daughter in a sundress and flip flops
7. climb back over the fence
8. Put a pretty sheet over a board so the bees have a runway to enter into the new hive

9. Thoroughly spray the bees with Honey Be Healthy
10. Put the branch that you hope the queen is on in the hive
11. Put the cover back on the new hive
12. Pray that the bees stay and you have a new hive

Taylor took this photo, sorry it is a bit blurry. I like that you can see how full the box is and that there are still bees on the outside as well.
As of this posting Thursday evening the bees are still in the hive and doing well. They have drawn out a lot of comb.

This morning I could not face trying to do 'regular' math so I invented Army Guy Math. We took our box of army guys and I drew numbers with the corresponding number of circles on a page then gave the children a number of army guys that could be evenly divided by that number. For example, I gave Aaron 36 army guys and he had the number 9 he had to show me that 36/9=4, 36/4=9, 9X4=36, Then he had to go further and show me 6X6=36, 36/6=6, you get the idea. It was really fun! Aaron ended up using the squares on the kitchen floor because they had more space.
Even Ruby and Ian got into it. Erik was a bit frustrated that the Army guys would not stand perfectly straight in a row on his page and that he did not have the exact same army guy for each circle but he did understand the concept and willingly participated.

In the afternoon my momm, Geaba, came up and did a science experiment with Justin, Erik and Ian. Taylor and Aaron were at Ben's house learning about the American Revolution. Ian was able to tell me all about how the lung oxygenates the blood and it goes back to the heart and the heart pumps it to the rest of the body. He winked at me and said, "We are just pretending that the red dye 40 is blood." What a smart kid! As though the balloons were really lungs and a heart!
They did a couple of other science experiments on lung capacity. I literally blew everyone out of the water.

Ruby wanted to make cupcakes with pink frosting. I mean really wanted to make cupcakes with pink frosting. I told her we could make them after her nap. RIGHT when she woke up she said, "Let's go make cupcakes with pink frosting!" She got her apron and chef's hat and went to work. Thanks to the pictures provided by Betty Crocker she was able to 'read' the directions and tell me we needed 3 eggs, water and oil! I think she has figured out that the cook gets to taste the goodies! I had to go to the store for a few items anyway, so I spent $2.69 on pink frosting! All in the name of love.
All this while I was trying to get ready for the boys to go camping with the scouts tomorrow! I made a double batch of the PB&J Breakfast Cookies from Fix, Freeze and Feast (I do alter them a little, but they are delicious, and healthy) What does it mean when you have to double a batch cooking recipe?
And this long winded post will end with another Libby update. I really appreciate all the prayers and encouragement. I do think that everyone over reacted and that she does have a high metabolism. Thanks to Naomi for the concrete evidence about Sophie. I am still a bit concerned about her elevated liver enzymes but with nothing presenting itself we will watch and see. I would love to have that type of metabolism! I am still religiously feeding her around the clock and giving her fortified breast milk at every feeding. I am pumping, but not every feeding like before.
Have a great weekend!

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