Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Monday night my 2 cub scouts had crossover. Erik was a very proud Tiger Cub. He worked very hard and participated in every activity that he could. He received a perfect attendance award which he is proudly displaying to everyone. He is the first Wolf (in yellow) on the left side of the picture. I am thrilled with our scout troop and love the leadership that I have seen there. Scouts is the perfect structure for Erik and he thrives in the environment.
Aaron is now in Webelos (which stands for We Be Loyal Scouts). He has really enjoyed the activities and friends he has made in scouts. I am excited in this new chapter in which he has more responsibility and accountability for his achievements.
Unfortunately I was not able to be at the crossover. I work literally 16 days a year and this was one of those evenings. I have also bowed out of the Scout Camping Trip that is coming up this weekend. I am going to visit my wonderful mother in law and she is going to help me with the 3 little ones and Sean is going camping, hiking and scouting with the 3 older children.

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