Friday, June 26, 2009

This Is My Friend

This is my friend. This is my friend who loves me even though I have issues. She came to my house and melted butter before we made cookies and she loves me even though I told her it was wrong to melt butter. She laughs and folds my towels the right way, even though it is different from everyone else in the world. I picked Tami and her children up today for a day of fun and errands. I am thankful for my BIG red van and that it will accommodate her family. Our first stop was a Montessori garage sale. Tami and I had a wonderful time looking and the girls were trying on a wide array of shoes that were for sale. Unfortunately someone thought that Isobelle's shoes were perfect and bought them before we realized they were gone. Tami was not happy. I on the other hand was laughing so hard I was crying, she was crying too, but not from laughing. They had no other shoes there in Isobelle's size so she ended up with these adorable white bunny slippers. A good trade, Yes?
Part of the reason I found this so funny was because the first thought I had when I went looking for Ruby's shoes was that someone bought them.
Isobelle was quite proud of her new shoes and I really enjoyed the humor of the whole situation. We enjoyed a concert at the library with a picnic lunch, then went to Value Village for some costume supplies. I scored with a great Narnia hardback book for 69 cents. Taylor really wanted to buy another hermit crab so I 'offered' to drop Tami and Taylor at Petsmart while I got gas. Tami asked if I wanted to go with Taylor and I definitely did not want to go. Her response was, "How bad can it be?"
After about 10 minutes I got this text from Tami: I can't believe you think this is painful, we have seen every crab and she is still not sure (smile)
Then 5 minutes later I got this text: Ruled out the dead one...... and now we have a winner!
I would much rather get gas and sit in a hot van with 7 other children than shop for hermit crabs.
We lovingly welcomed 'Big Ball' into our home this afternoon.

Yes we are gluttons for punishment and went to Costco and Target then back to Tami's house. I layed Libby down on the floor and Tami's dog decided to lay next to her and every time Libby lifted up her head Teagan (the dog) would turn his head and the wet jowel would swipe across Libby's head -- Gross! I knew Libby would be getting another bath when we got home.
By this time I realized I had no dinner plans and everyone was melting down completely. I ordered Thai food for Sean and I and fed the children broccoli, strawberry smoothies, and cold cereal and sent them to bed, WHEW!

I am thankful for my friend and for all that she does to serve others and the great job she does with her children even if it means she loses her children's shoes (or her purse, or keys,).

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Tami said...

My husband adds the loosing of my phone too.