Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whee Look Who's Three

It's hard to believe it has been three years since Ruby joined our family. She adds such spunk and laughter to our family. The doctor's were not happy with us when we got pregnant with her but what a joy and blessing she is. I cannot imagine life without our Rubylicious. Cassidy is one of Ruby's friends. Her mom and dad took childbirth classes from me and we discovered that we are neighbors! What great neighbors we have one street over!! Cassie did not want to color in the road with the sidewalk chalk because she is not allowed to play in the road~

Unlike my children who play in the road all the time. Taylor was really into the 3D Chalk I bought for the party. Totally not something I would usually spend money on but I was curious.
The 3D made me dizzy, the children liked it but not enough to justify the cost ~ now you know.

I attempted a princess cake. I used a lot of pink frosting. Each of the 3 little princesses at the party got one of the castle cones, 2 ice cream cones filled with frosting and decorated with frosting and candy. I know their parents like me enough to forgive me for that one.

Ruby loved her gifts and freely gives out what she calls 'Grandpa Ivan' hugs, because that is the way her Grandpa Ivan gives hugs. You know he loves you and does not waste the hug, it requires effort to hug that way.
The day I went into labor with Ruby we were at the beach with Savannah and her family. In fact, today Savannah was telling me about going to the beach and when I asked which one, she said,"You know, the one where you had Ruby". Thank goodness Ruby was not born there but it is a beautiful beach. When we were there the children were playing and I was contracting regularly. Jess had to leave because she was showing her house (I am really glad they have not moved). She exclaimed, "YOU ARE IN LABOR!!!" I replied, "yes, I know" and she refused to leave me at the beach by myself in labor with my 6th child. I did not want to go home because of the effort it would require to round up the children and feed them lunch.
What a true friend, she put her showing on hold briefly and loaded my children into the van for me.
Everything went smoothly after that. I am so thankful for the relationship that has grown between our families and the accountability that I get from Jess. Ruby faithfully prays for Honor and Justice every night. We are blessed because of them.

I told people that I was doing a small get together for Ruby's birthday and we had a lot of people there. We had Ben and his mom and dad, Isobelle & Everett and their mom and dad, Cassidy and her mom and brother, Jake and Savannah and Honor and Justice and Jess, Geaba and my nephew Justin and niece Kimberly! I had a great time! and everyone helped out Syndi went and got the rock salt for the homemade ice cream (I know I have some somewhere...) Jess went home and got the half and half we needed for the ice cream. Geaba stopped and got hamburger buns, watermelon, potato salad, the cones for the cake and several other ingredients I forgot.
When Sean asked how many burgers to make I said I don't know, He said, "How many people are here?" I don't know. I just plan the party and have fun it's the details that he cares about and I am a big picture kinda person.

Ben's dad ended the night with motorcycle rides for the children. Ruby thought she wanted one, but after putting on the helmet she changed her mind. All the older children thought it was great and Taylor was told that she is not going to be on another motorcycle with a man unless it is her papa or her husband!
Syndi took some great pictures of the party too, so for her version check out her blog, there is a funny photo of Tami and I.

And of course, what evening could be complete without Tami coming back for her purse that she forgot at the party?
That was the cherry on top of the party!
Ruby had so much fun and we are so thankful for all of our friends and family to celebrate with us.


Rebecca M said...

Happy Birthday to Ruby!! And wow that cake is amazing- I love the tiara on it and so would my three yr old, Mercy.
Sounds like you all had a fun day celebrating!

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday, Ruby!

BTW: Your comment on Hilary's breakfast post had me laughing! (Not that you were trying to be funny, I just found it so!) :)