Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am not laughing

My sweet little Libby has been gaining! She averaged 1 oz per day last week. I was very excited, however the doctor said that she really wants Libby to keep gaining 1 oz a day and move up on the growth chart to the 25th percentile. I would be excited and satisfied if she stayed on her growth curve and that is my goal. This sweet little 5 month old is blowing bubbles and rolling all over the place. I was attempting to clean up and get some schoolwork done when I looked out the back door and saw this:

last week I thought our bees were swarming but they ended up coming back, so I realized that it was the nuptial flight.The nuptial flight is when the the queen mates then comes back to the hive to start laying. We recently split our hive into two so we were waiting for the queen to emerge and have two separate hives.
This was definitely a swarm and the bees clustered on a tree in our neighbor's yard. They were about 13 feet up. Sean came home from work and together we caught the swarm and introduced them to a new hive. While I was otherwise occupied Ruby discovered a brand new can of spray sunscreen. I do not have to worry about my kitchen floor or cabinets or refrigerator getting sunburned anytime soon.
We accomplished science today and now I am going to feed my children and send the older one's over to Syndi's for history. Once again, math and spelling got put on the back burner.


Rebecca M said...

Oh my goodness- amidst bees (how do you catch a swarm?)and spray sunscreen, Libby is gaining weight!!

I'm so glad for that and praying for you as you respond to all of these parts of your "everyday life".

Charles and Naomi Jenkins said...

I just wanted to ask if there is anything specifically wrong with Libby besides the low weight? (internal organ issues, etc.) If there isn't I really wouldn't worry much about the weight issue. Sophie has always run around the 3%-5% since she was around 2 months old. Since there was not any other issues with her, physically, she was eating well, reacting well, and crossing milestones, our doc didn't ever worry. Even now, she is 4.5 years old and only 32 lbs. (Ben at 2.5 years old is 31 lbs.) She just has a high metabolism. If there is no real issue with Libby besides the small weight gains, I would try to not worry about it much. :)

Nicole said...

Go Libby! I gave Daddy your blog address and said that he needs it to keep up with the babies and bees! We missed you at Shelby's graduation but we know you are where you need to be. love you!

Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) said...

Yeah, Libby!!!

Catch a swarm? Yikes!

Stacy said...

ohmyword those pictures of the bees completely terrify me!

nonetheless, i am glad you posted them so that i can show my kids! (we were talking about swarms just the other day. they will be so thrilled to see these.)

GO libby! :) so glad to hear this news.

and so thankful your kitchen is thoroughly protected from the sun. :) HA!