Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We are all learning. I am learning to be more patient, more organized, more disciplined. The children are learning to love learning, to discover, and serve. I try to offer my children 3 things every day. 1. Something to Love 2. Something to Do 3. Something to Think About. I felt very successful on Monday. I was planning on going strawberry picking but the weather dictated otherwise. Syndi called and invited Aaron and Taylor over to dissect a frog but I really wanted to see and Erik thought he might be interested.
Syndi is great at explaining things and letting the children cut and discover. I like things very precise and it is hard for me to hand over control.
We had a great time see Syndi's blog for what we learned and more great photos.
We did a TOPS electrical experiment and I am the only one who burnt myself. We read some great books, did math drills, and played games. It was a really fun day but unfortunately my house did not get the attention it so desperately needed. I know the children can't wait and the house can, but I like a clean house. I do like clean, educated, kind children better.

This photo is from last week when we had Ben over for dinner and science. We drew a diagram of the earth with the core, mantel, and crust. Then made some magma and discovered how it flowed freely when poured slowly but under pressure it cracked and broke apart. It was fun!

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Syndi said...

I am going to use that 3 things a day. What a great way to keep your perspective!

Ben loved that volcano experiment by the way. Thank you!!