Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Photos

Sorry for the lack of photos these days. If you can imagine I literally wanted to throw myself at my mother in law's feet and beg her not to go on Monday but I guess I have to share her with her daughters and other grandson. Not willingly mind you.
I survived Tuesday it was hot (just the way I like it) and we went to the beach with Ben and Syndi. I was able to do the supplemental feeder but it wasn't easy. I got a much needed walk. I really wish it was as hard for me to gain weight as it is for Libby.
We took Libby to the Dr. on Wednesday and the doc said Libby lost 2 ounces since last week. UGH. The doctor said we had 2 choices 1. to put Liberty on reflux medication or 2. to hospitalize Liberty and put in the NG tube. We chose #1 and reluctantly filled the prescription. After some cooling off and a bit of a clear head we decided to not give Liberty the reflux meds but to add one more feeding of fortified breast milk. We are lumping her evening feedings every 2 hours and going 4 hours at night. I will let you know how it progresses.

We went tonight to meet with the elders of our church and they anointed Liberty with oil and prayed for her for her health, wisdom for her parents, for healing, clarity for the doctors treating her, logical progression of treating her, and for peace at home with the other children. It was amazing and again, I must say that I have never been part of a body of believers that care for each other in the magnitude that we are being cared for and protected. I have been in wonderful small groups but I am talking the whole body of Christ is nurturing and protecting us. Did I mention that we have only been attending there since November?? Truly, God knew where we needed to be and provided for us beyond all we could ask or imagine.

Oh yeah, while the dietitian was at our house discussing a better plan for Liberty's care our bees swarmed. I thought, "Oh Great, now I am going to have to go catch a swarm on top of everything else I have to do today." I prayed that God would have them move to one of our empty hives and all would be well. Miraculously the bees came back to the original hive. When Sean and I discussed it we realized that it was the nuptial flight of our new queen and things are going well in the hive. But God did again answer my prayers and I did not have to climb a tree and catch a swarm. Praise God!

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Stacy said...

Good to hear an update, Carolynn. Praying for you guys! Sad that your mother-in-law is gone, but happy that your church family is taking such great care of you guys! Yay!


As for your discipline issue, my brain goes here:

*the "rod" for disobedience (assuming that the things he did/rules he broke were knowingly broken.)


*breaking of the window screen (he should work to pay it off so that you can replace it)

*disrespect to the sitter. {this would be the hardest for me to swallow.} i would probably have him make restitution to her in some way. he was disrespectful to her so he should now work to be respectful towards her (ie- a card (or multiple cards), where he has to write something kind and respectful and mail them out twice a week for a month or something like that (whatever you choose), and once a week make a dessert or something for her. ???

but mark might do something entirely different. i'll ask him, too. :)

praying for you for wisdom, girl. you're a great mama! :)

i'm with you on the weight gain thing (wishing it was so difficult for ME to put on the pounds. because it is so, SO not.) :)