Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beach Day(s)

Jess and I have had so many wonderful beach days together. It is getting more difficult with the twins so mobile, and not as frequent as we used to. Tami planned a beach day for us and the great northwest weather cooperated for us! Look at that cute baby. Honor loved the sand and stopped what he was doing to pose for the camera! We tried to keep the babies in the shade as much as possible.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by my wonderful friends, beautiful weather and healthy children. We always remember to say thank you to Sean when we get to enjoy a fun filled day with friends at the beach.
Look how cute that little boy is. Sean calls him Juicy Justice.

I know how fortunate I am. I get to stay home with my children, I get to educate them, train them, play with them and I have a husband who works hard to allow us to live the life we do. I am so thankful that we have made the choices we made to give us the life we have.

Taylor and Savannah built these great sandcastles under the dock. Savannah smacked her head on the dock a few times and Taylor only did it once I thought for sure that we were going to have to go get stitches. Thankfully it is only a small cut on her hairline that should heal in a few days.

Justice and Liberty for all. I love that over the Supreme Court bench there is a sign that says Justice is the protector of Liberty. It is so fitting. I find it amusing that I usually end up with Justice when I am helping with the boys. I don't purposefully seek him out but I do think he is easier to hold because he doesn't 'squiggle' as much as Honor.
Jess took Taylor and Aaron home with her to play and have dinner and I took Everett and Isobelle home with me and fed them dinner and played ice hockey on the trampoline, steal the bounce and popcorn. Isobelle got one warm bath and a cold shower (long story). We had a fabulous evening and Tami and Ian got some time together without children.
Today we went to town so that Taylor could buy a stroller for her 'babies'. We enjoyed some thrift store shopping, and ice cream at the dairy. We ran into several friends at the dairy and they invited us to go to the beach with them. After short consideration I decided that going to the beach sounded much more pleasant than cleaning and being hot at home. We ran home, threw some honey mustard chicken in the crock pot and rice in the rice cooker (I Love my Servants) and headed to the beach. We got home just in time to shower everyone and put PJ's on and eat dinner.
The following conversation was heard at our dinner table tonight:

Erik: Papa I really want a skim board, can you make one for me? You can use your chainsaw.
Papa: I don't have a chain saw
Erik: Yes, you do.
Aaron: You know the thing that goes Bzzzzzz
Me: They mean your table saw
Erik: you can use some strong wood
Papa: I don't have any wood
Erik: yes you do it is on top of the table saw
Me: no, that is Formica
Taylor: who is Mica?


amy said...

Carolynn, you are such a fun momma! I rarely comment but I always think it when I read about your happenings.

We named our newest son Justus so if things don't work out with your friend and Liberty know that there will be another Godly man with that name!

Where is this beach you go to? It looks amazing.

Carolynn said...

Thanks! I will keep Justus in our prayers for her as well =) I LOVE the photos on your blog!! We go to Semiahmoo, and it is amazing but don't tell(we don't want it to get to busy). We would love to go with you sometime if you want.

Rebecca M said...

After our trip to the beach today, we have a young man dreaming of owning a skim board as well. If your husband finds some "strong wood" and a plan for his "chain saw", we might be interested in how it comes out.