Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Time Flies

Usually our summer is laid back with many days at the beach and home. Not so this year! I cannot believe it is already July 8th! Ruby has been showing interest in riding a bike but the only one we have around here that is her size was missing one training wheel. I knew where some other wheels were but was too busy to fix it. I gave the box of spare training wheels to Aaron and he went to work! What a great brother.

Then, with great patience and determination he tried to teach Ruby to ride the bike. She wanted to pedal backwards but not forward. They worked together beautifully for awhile until they both got bored.

This is reality. Notice Aaron sitting on the couch in the background. We have been so busy that I have been doing laundry but not folding it. I decided when we couldn't see over the laundry that it really was time to fold. My children are each responsible for putting their own laundry away and they rotate whose job it is to take the laundry out of the dryer and lay it flat (so I can wait to fold and it doesn't get as wrinkled). Taylor helps Ruby and Aaron puts Libby's laundry away. Ian tends to shove his shirts in the bottom of the closet but has to go back to hang them up. Erik does not want anyone to take HIS hangers, he has them color coded and equal numbers of hangers.

It took me a bit but I got it all folded and the children put the laundry away before breakfast so it couldn't get knocked over. Next time I won't wait so long.

Another random photo I found on my camera. Aaron was trying out his new toothbrush. I bought them because they stick to the counter and do not have to be in a community cup where the toothbrushes all touch. I never knew you could brush your teeth with the toothbrush stuck to the door jam..... I guess we will see what the dentist says about how well it cleans. We have 5 dentist appointments tomorrow. Our dentist has a Ms. Pac Man game in the lobby, I must remember to share the game with the children (I will get high score again =)).

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And that is just last week!

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