Saturday, July 18, 2009


For Mikaela's 18th Birthday we told her we would take her skydiving. Her birthday was in September and this was the first weekend that was available, but she said it was worth the wait!I was nervous for her but she was just excited! Her boyfriend, her dad and our friend Kelly and her boys Gideon, Joshua and Caleb all came to cheer Mikaela on. Grandma (aka Geaba) was planning on coming with cousins Justin and Kimberly but unfortunately was rear ended and was in the ER. It was very odd for me to be there watching my first born jumping out of an airplane when my mom was in the hospital. My mom assured me that she was fine and that I was where I needed to be (she called me when she was strapped to a board in the ambulance).

I was very happy that I have a great lens and was able to get some great shots. My favorite photos were of someone else, bummer. We were not sure which jumper she was so I took pictures of all of the skydivers.

Erik sat through the whole training with Mikaela and REALLY wanted to jump too. I am sure that he will someday. The children were all hot so they sat under the picnic table for some shade and enjoyed some Popsicles that Kelly brought just for the occasion. The boys even enjoyed some basketball while we were waiting.

I cannot believe that I have a daughter who is old enough to go skydiving. The time really does go too fast. Renee once said to me, "The days are really really long, but the weeks go by fast."
That is so true. I value all the time I got to spend with Mikaela as she was growing up and wish that I could have a few more years of influence to shape her into a Godly woman.
Becoming a parent of an adult is difficult and exciting at the same time. You never stop caring. Prayer becomes much more fervent and frequent because you don't have the control that you do when they are young. Ahh, how naive I am I am never in control they all belong to God and should be constantly treated as God's.

Sean and Mikaela are talking about making this an annual event. Thank you very much but I will enjoy it from the ground not 14,000 feet in the air, at least not this year.


Syndi said...

You know you are the coolest parents!! She looks so happy!

Is your mom okay??

Anissa said...

It's neat to see a close up of Mikaela...she totally has your smile!