Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sean

OK so this photo was not actually taken today, but how many of you have a picture of your husband with a Bumbo seat on his head? We celebrated with homemade pizza, strawberry rhubarb crisp and great friends. Thanks to Jason and Jess and their family and to Syndi for sharing the day with us! Those of you who don't know my husband may think of him as quiet and reserved. Don't let that fool you. Once you get to know him is is quite animated and funny in a dry sort of way. He has a special fondness for old books, especially the books you can find at Goodwill. I have evidence by the 4 foot stack of books on our dresser in our room. He loves to read. He reads things I could never imagine reading. One day he told me he was just getting to the interesting part of the current book he was reading "Architecture of Country Homes". He also reads Analytical Chemistry books for fun!
He loves his bees. When I started studying bees with the children in our homeschool he thought I was nuts. Now I think he is a bit nuts. We went from one hive to five (our lot is 1/3 of an Acre). Then we drove a hive over 200 miles (with all the children in the van) to give to Sean's father.
Sean has very high standards and adheres to them himself. He is honest and ethical (almost to a fault).
I admire his integrity. I love talking to him and discovering new things about him, even after 12 years of marriage. I enjoy seeing him with his daughters and the joy and delight he experiences with them. His sons love to play with him, and seek his approval above all else. When they see the affirmation he offers they are filled with pride.
He is a wonderful leader of our family and we all enjoy listening to him read to us. He has patience of a saint.
He loves routine and being home. He likes to keep his family close.
Thank you to his mom and dad for shaping him into the man he is today.
Happy 38th Birthday Sean!

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