Thursday, July 30, 2009

We are not in Washington anymore, Toto

OK, so I am still in Washington but it sure does not feel like it. I got to spend 24hours with my friend, Anissa (from Arizona) and Marla (she lives local). I arranged for the other children to have some fun adventures with friends. You can see what Aaron and Erik were up to, check out Syndi's blog. The other children enjoyed time with Tami's family. Of course, I had the baby with me. We love to go to Thai food together, it is a great treat to not have to cook or clean up after myself. Unfortunately I hurt my back and have been struggling with that all week. Syndi again watched the children so I could get a massage and that helped but hopefully will be all better soon.
Mikaela came and stayed overnight so that I could spend a bit more time with my friends. I really enjoyed seeing her for a bit when I got home and before she had to leave. It is really hard when you have a child move out and you don't get to see them as often as you would like.
On Wednesday we had some friends from church come over. Taylor went to their house to help out last week and I have enjoyed getting to know people better. Heather and Hannah and Caleb and their sweet baby boys, Andrew and Peter came for a play date. I was super excited that Heather called because I always have great intentions but to plan is really an area I am working on. We had a great time and all the children seemed to get along famously.
We begged and Sean searched high and low for a swimming pool to help cool us off but to no avail, there is not one pool to be found in this county! We invited ourselves over to Jessica's house because she has air conditioning and we love her and her children and our inside temperature was a balmy 89 degrees! I guess I don't have to worry about heating my back.
I took Savannah and Jess took Aaron and Erik and we went to DQ for ice cream treats and to Libby's doctor's appointment. My rant again for the doctor is as follows:
  • The Dr. comes in and says I must be jumping for joy, because Libby is now 14 pounds, 9 ounces.
  • I said, "yes I knew that from the scale we have at home"
  • Dr. replies, "what are you doing differently?"
  • I say, "nothing"
  • Dr. then gets on the defensive "you mean, you are not pumping and fortifying like we discussed last time?"

I mean really, why are they so surprised that we are doing fine without their 'help'? Plus, when I took Libby in for her lab work the technician said there was no way to draw as much blood as was needed for all the tests from an infant. UGH I just want to be left alone!

Sorry these are the random thoughts that are going through my head right now, and it is still too hot to go to bed. The other night Sean and I found this listing and got a chuckle out of it, I now know the perfect pet for my children. Go to and type in best of, hamsters. Sorry, I would have put in the link, but I don't know how to do that yet.

Enjoy summer while we have it and try to stay cool, or at least not too hot.

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