Sunday, July 12, 2009

Solid Rock Family Camp 2009

I don't know if I could pick a favorite part of camp because we all had so much fun! My highlights differ from my children's but since it is my blog I get to tell my best parts. I love being with these friends. The older children help so much with the younger ones and are ready and willing to serve with a smile. I remember when I first started hanging out with Renee our now 9 year olds were little babies in diapers. Where oh where does the time go?
This year the planning was so through and the children so helpful the adults had time to drink tea, and coffee and laugh together.

The adult women were talking about how wonderful Hilary is and how creative she is, we love her! and Brian, her husband replied, "Everyone wants to be my wife!"
It was so classic because he really did not mean it to be about him, but it was.

Erik's team placed 3rd overall but in my opinion they were the best! Both Erik and Sam are high energy and require a bit more supervision and Colin and Judah were so patient and included them in all the activities. During the scavenger hunt one of the items they had to bring me was one live bug. Sam was so excited to bring it to me and when he opened his hand and showed it to me it wasn't alive anymore. Colin and Judah could have been very frustrated but instead they hurried off to find another live bug!
Erik was super helpful and even offered to wash several adults dishes.
Ruby was very seldom with her group but enjoyed every activity. I couldn't help but smile when she came running down the hill crying because everyone used 'her' 300 water balloons. Other than a few 3 year old possessive issues she had a wonderful time and was very happy her papa was there to help her.

Syndi and I slept in a tent with Libby and Ruby and we had way too much fun. I felt like a little kid again talking well into the night. I am not sure how we ended up not sleeping in a tent filled with children but it was wonderful. I know that Chuck did not appreciate it (sorry). Next year I will remember to make sure that I am not sleeping on an incline!
Thanks again to all the people who worked so hard for such a great weekend, and for all the children who participated and appreciated the hard work!

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