Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Fun

Northwest Washington is the best place to live (but don't tell, we don't want it to get too crowded). We went to the Raspberry Festival on Saturday and enjoyed some basketball, shopping, looking at old cars (OK, so the little boys just loved jumping down the middle of the road on the turtles) but Sean and Aaron loved the cars. My favorite part was running into old friends that I do not get to see often enough.

Although the ice cream with fresh raspberries on top was pretty hard to beat!
We even made it home in time for Sean to work the hives and the rest of us to clean, mow, sweep (did you know it takes 1 hour and 12 minutes to sweep my kitchen floor?) mop, fold laundry and get the house in order. I love a clean house!!

I love cleaning the house on Saturdays because generally I try to not do any work on Sundays. Omitted from that of course is the 2 loads of sheets that I do daily.

Guess who started crawling on Saturday? I cannot believe it either~no it is not Taylor. Libby is 6 1/2 months old. She was reaching for a piece of paper that was just out of her reach and wiggled her way to it. I then experimented with a toy to see if she really could do it. It is not pretty nor is it smooth but our Lego playing days in the living room have come to an abrupt halt for the time being.

Today, we utilized our kids bowl free coupons and went bowling after church. The free bowling cost $20 with shoe rental but was much more affordable than it would have been. Now, to find used bowling shoes in the right sizes (must check Goodwill).
Ian had great technique and would lay down and line up his ball then push it down the lane. Ruby just threw the ball and it took about 45seconds to go down the lane. Amazingly, she got a few strikes and a couple of spares!

At one point Sean said, "I feel like we are going to Wally World, We are going to have fun if it kills us!"
Doing things with 6 children requires some amount of finesse and always some training. The idea that you have to wait for the person next to you to finish bowling even though they are not on your lane is really hard to understand.

Of course, what are you supposed to do with your 6 month old who has not napped all day because of church? Why you put her in the ergo and continue bowling. I think I need to be the poster child for ergo I love it and use it all the time! I never knew that I could get a strike, a spare and 2 gutter balls bowling with a sleeping baby.

The children loved it and we all had fun! We finished up our great weekend with Papa Murphy's pizza, spinach salad, lemon iced tea, and strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream and our weekly Sunday night movie!

Our bowlers in order of standing Sean got 1st, Ian, Mama, Ruby, Erik, Taylor and Aaron. Just to be fair Ian, Ruby and Erik bowled with bumpers and the rest of us without. We will definitely be bowling again soon.
It is currently 11:30pm and I have to clean up the kitchen, make our bed, take someone potty, feed the baby again, take out the garbage and recycle and be ready to begin anew tomorrow promptly at 7:03am.


Anissa said... is NOT the best place to live. Oh wait, yes it're only supposed to VISIT Arizona, that's right...I forgot!! LOL

Anissa said...

So... in the picture of you guys standing in order of who won in bowling, I take it that Sean has his hand on your invisble back...that he's NOT preparing for us to give him a low high-five? LOL