Monday, July 27, 2009

I love Summer

After we went Raspberry picking and to the Dairy for ice cream I stopped at Rite Aid to get Pectin to make some jam, unfortunately they do not carry Pectin so I bought a small swimming pool instead. Logical right. Tami was nice enough to wait in the car while I ran in so I did not have to bring in all the children. She reminded me of the time I went in to a beauty supply store for shampoo and came out with luggage. Hmmm. Cody and Cassidy and their mom, Mary came over to enjoy the pool and raspberries. The girls really enjoyed the raspberries and I made 4 batches of jam and a raspberry rhubarb crisp.

Cassidy and Ruby helped themselves to a lot of raspberries.

We had the wonderful treat of a beautiful sunset. I love where I live, I love seeing the beauty of God's creation all around and the handiwork of His creativity.

Ian has exclaimed more than once, "Look at the sunset God painted just for me!"

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