Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to School?

UH-OH Honor knows we haven't officially started school~yet. Actually we are on track to start next week. We finished up the summer making paper, making soap, making a volcano, going to the cub scout kick off, and our (3rd) annual Not Back to School party. For photos of that you can go to Syndi or Hilary's blogs!
Unfortunately I have been very busy and have not taken very many pictures lately. Savannah was amazing at the paper making and made more paper than everyone else combined. I loved that the children could put together the fact that Ben Franklin had to make paper then hand set the type for the newspapers that he printed. We have now done both this year.

These boys are getting so grown up. The other day we measured Ian and he has grown 3 1/4" since December!! I feel like we have reached a new place in what we are able to do since most of my children can go to the bathroom themselves and they can follow simple directions. We get to go more places and do more things!

I have had my paper making kit for about 6 years and this is the first time we used it! I am so glad to know how it works and we will be making more paper and soap. We are even trying new recipes using our beeswax for hand lotion!
Aaron is now a WEBELO Scout which stands for We BE Loyal Scouts. He was happy to carry the flag for the opening Colors.
What a handsome man in uniform. They are excited to start selling popcorn and we will have a online place where you can order your popcorn from the boys! (I just have to read the directions first).
We are also continuing to make progress with Liberty and are taking steps in the right direction.
I am finishing up our schedule and practicing to begin next week. Life is never dull, and I would not want it to be!

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