Monday, September 14, 2009

My Kind of Day

Oops I accidentally uploaded the photos in the wrong order but blogger does not allow you to move them around easily so bear with me. We had a wonderful Saturday at home with the children getting much needed projects and having some down time.

We knew we had the privilege of watching Justice and Savannah while their mom and dad went to a wedding reception, and the children were very excited for them to arrive. They were met at the door with hugs and laughter.
Shelly called, she was watching Jake and Honor and asked if we wanted to go to the beach with them.
We decided to make it a party and have them over after the beach for a BBQ. We just lined up the babies and fed them in a row. Libby ate one bite for every 3 the boys did, it definitely shows that boys eat faster (plus they are 5 months older). I loved that when I pulled out the camera Honor instantly had a smile.

Look at this handsome couple. Jason and Jess are some of my favorite people to spend time with, fellowship with, learn together and enjoy the honor of watching their children while they had time together.

Doesn't she look great! I can't believe she can wear such a great dress 13 months after giving birth to twins. Good Job Jess.

Ian is a diligent worker and is very motivated by the pins that he gets to earn in Contenders. He was looking at his book and decided he wanted to earn the knot tying pin so he went and got a rope and his book and Sean taught him several different knots. I am pretty sure you are not supposed to use the knots to tie yourself up but that is exactly what Ian did! He then decided to work on earning his painting pin and gathered to supplies and carefully worked on each project. I love his self motivation (I wish I had more of it). and the way he carefully completes each project.
I even managed to squeeze in some time to get a pedicure all by myself! I love pedicures they always make me feel so good.

Erik is Persistent!! He is so thorough when he wants to be. He lost a marble under the refrigerator and enjoyed the challenge of cleaning out under the fridge to get the marble back. He then proceeded to 'lose' the marble under the stove and discovered that it is much more difficult to fish the marble out from under the stove. After much trial and error he was successful. Erik likes to collect the dust bunnies and is very satisfied when something gets cleaned to his standards (I wonder where he gets that from =)).

The highlight of my day was how much Erik and I both enjoyed having company and showing hospitality toward others. I love being with people and having such great friends!

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