Saturday, September 19, 2009

Going Through the Motions

We had our appointment with the Nutritionist on Friday. Liberty has gained 12 ounces in 17 days! That is the best weight gain she has had so far. She is now up to 15 pounds 11 ounces.
The appointment was interesting to say the least. First the Nutritionist was pleasantly surprised by her weight gain and commented that the supplementing that the doctor recommended really seemed to be working. I said that we were not supplementing and had no intention of supplementing in the future. Next it was time to look at Liberty's dietary recall from the last 17 days. Again, the Nutritionist was surprised at how well Libby is eating and really was stumped y what we could do differently to her diet. The one thing that she recommended was to add oil or butter to Libby's food so that we could get additional calories in her.
What!!! Really!? Let's teach her to eat food laden with calories and fat so we can give her eating disorders and high cholesterol? (Please read the sarcasm there).
I really have to shake my head at the amount of time and energy these people are putting into making her fat.
Libby is 8 1/2 months old and can sit up, pull herself to a stand, crawl, babble, sign all done, and more. She is Perfect!
I am requesting a copy of the nutritionists' report for my own records and to be sent to the doctor. Hopefully this is the end of the saga and they will leave us alone with our tiny but otherwise healthy baby.


Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) said...

We had a tiny, but otherwise healthy little girl as well... Now, 11 years later, she is absolutely normal, on target, etc... even though the docs told us she would always be abnormally small. They don't know everything!

Barker Musings said...

Dr. P sent me to the nutritionist for Samuel too. They wanted me to put Margerine in his food and give him chocolate pudding. I said no. Same thing lets give them an eating disorder and then have to fix it later. The letter they wrote was not very flattering of my mothering choice, but that was the end of it.

Carolynn said...

Thanks Tammy and Tammy! I appreciate your support and encouragement. It is really difficult to stand up for what you believe in when there is so much opposition,