Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How Do You Pick Up Your Vehicle From The Shop?

When my van breaks down in Seattle and I have to go pick it up, I call a friend and make it a field trip! We decided that we better pick up the van first because that was the purpose of the trip. Picking the van up first meant we had to take the bridge across the lake and I had all the children in my van so we pulled over on the side of the road and one of my children ran and got in the van with Tami, then we were able to take the carpool lane across the lake!
After much searching we finally found parking and went to discover the Aquarium again.
Everett and Erik loved the Moonjellies! We discovered that wen really fortunate to not have been stung by the jellies we always touch at our beach. We also saw new starfish that are native to our area but we have not seen before..

I love all the workers at the aquarium, they are knowledgeable and friendly. Every time we go we learn something new. This time we even saw baby sea horses!

Isobelle was listening to a talk around one of the touch tanks.

After the aquarium we headed to Goodwill, then each of us went to our mothers houses for dinner. We were treated to a delicious salmon dinner! We love fish, but unfortunately it is so expensive that we don't get it very often. It was a treat and fit in well with our marine day.

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