Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Skipping School

Not really skipping school, just getting schooled in agriculture. Jessica's dad, Grampy volunteered to have several of Jess' friends come to his farm and glean. It was a wonderful day! It is hard to believe it is already fall, the weather was very warm.
Grampy was great with the boys and is a natural teacher. He showed us how to tell if the corn was ready, how to dig potatoes, and where exactly our food comes from!

It is our dream to be farmers (not quite on this scale). I put in a good day's work! My thighs were burning from all the squatting and bending. It really showed me what I need to work on. To be fair, I was wearing Libby on my back most of the time.

I was fortunate to have a 'break' when Libby needed to eat. Miranda was gracious enough (she jumped at the opportunity) to feed Libby her tofu, spinach, blueberry puree.

Now I have lots of beautiful green beans that we are going to process tomorrow. It is educational for all the children. Most of them were very hard workers and agreed with me that it is a highlight of our field trips! One child however was threatened with not getting to eat if said child did not help harvest and it was a huge motivator.

Grampy took the boys across the foot bridge to the pond for a tour of the farm. Ian talked almost non stop and even tried to get carried!

After the hot, dirty work we were rewarded with ice cream from our favorite dairy! I love how Isobelle is lifting Ruby to see the flavors. Both girls decided on green! I got my favorite root beer shake!

Ian, Ruby and Isobelle are inseparable these days. The girls follow him around everywhere and he enjoys reading to them, playing with them and being a gentleman for them. Notice it is Ruby who is missing shoes here. She also did not understand the concept of squatting at the farm and had to borrow some of Isobelle's clothes.

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