Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Taylor is a diligent worker. She is a great helper and ready and willing. She always completes her jobs and helps others with theirs. What is the problem you may ask? Well it is that until today she is happy to get the work done and get it right but today she wanted to dig deeper. In our fieldwork study of marine biology Taylor was diagramming the Oceanic Zones but since the Aphotic Zone is the largest (anything below 600 feet) she really wanted to draw some animals in the diagram. The typical sea animals do not live in that zone, and Taylor expressed desire to discover what does live there.

This sea slug and nudibranch do not live there (Ben and Aaron found them at the beach). We all looked up some interesting creatures and had fun doing it! That is what I have been desiring for a very long time and the day finally arrived!!
Erik is practicing on the flashmaster. Since he has had success every time I turn around he is practicing! He has mastered level one and two, this from a boy who does not enjoy anything that looks like school. Remember, he told the doctor in the ER that we don't really do school. He even tries to practice while taking out the garbage or sorting laundry!

Aaron just finished his final manuscript page and will be starting cursive next week! He is excited to learn cursive and is beginning to understand the value of neat handwriting. We just recently began a new math program, Teaching Textbooks, and the children are really enjoying it. I chose it for it's ease of use and that I can easily track their progress. I simply did not have the time to spend individually with each of the older children like I have forever! Today, I actually told them we did not have time for them to do another lesson after they were begging to do more math!

Libby got a cheerio stuck to her nose and the children thought it was the funniest thing they have ever seen. The photo is courtesy of Taylor (she really wants her own camera). Liberty looks cute no matter what. Although, I could do without the shiner she has next to her left eye.


Rachel said...

Hi Carolynn, I also homeschool here in Bellingham and was wondering if you could tell me the name of the handwriting curriculum used in this post? Looks good and I'm searching.
Thanks! Rachel

Rebecca M said...

So fun to read about what you are using at your house for school, Carolynn!
Thanks for the link to the Flashmaster. I'm checking it out!

Theresa said...

Hooray! Sounds like a great day!

Carolynn said...

Rachel, The handwriting we are using for the older children is called "I can write" we use both manuscript and cursive.It is by Christian Light Publications and I really like it!
Rebecca,The flash master is spendy but so, worth it in my opinion. Plus, I was able to get rid of all the flashcards strewn about.
Theresa, Thanks for the encouragement I must celebrate when we are sucessful!