Sunday, September 6, 2009

Look Who's 19!!

Saturday was Mikaela's 19th birthday! The time really does go by too quickly. We celebrated by taking her bowling, and out to dinner. It was wonderful to spend some time with her.
We lined up in order of score, Taylor got 52, all the way up to Mikaela who won with a whopping score of 126! They graciously left a spot in between Taylor and Ian for me. Mikaela,Duane, Sean, Me and Taylor bowled without bumpers and Aaron, Ian, Erik and Ruby all bowled with bumpers, they actually played pinball with the way the ball bounced back and forth.
We were all impressed with the spin Duane could put on a ball!

Ruby loved the black lights and was spinning and running circles watching herself glow. I could not figure out how to get a really good photo of it (still learning) but you get the idea from the picture above.

We went to Boston Pizza (Mikaela's choice) and had dinner. Taylor even brought her 'babies' for dinner. The time went way too fast and was over before we knew it! Which is exactly how I feel about her growing up.

We find it very difficult to get a family photo with everyone looking good. I am thankful that we were all together to celebrate!

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