Monday, September 14, 2009


After getting home last night at 11PM (We left the house at 10AM). I had to get up at 5:30AM to feed the baby and take Sean to work. We are now down to one working vehicle.
Then we had our first Keeper/Contenders Meeting to attend. The children had a wonderful time and it was so much fun to see and connect with friends we have not seen all summer.
I was involved in LOTS of kid shuffling. Here it is at a glance:
Send Taylor home with her friend Carissa
Take Savannah and Ellie with me and the rest of my children
Pick up Tami, Everett, and Isobelle
Drop Erik and Tami and Everett off at Scouts
Pick up Shelly, and Kale and go to the park
Back to Scouts: Pick up Erik, Tami, Everett, drop off Ellie, Shelly, and Kale
Take Tami to her Doctor Appointment
Take Savannah,Aaron, Erik, Ian, Ruby, Libby, Everett, and Isobelle to the bank and for ice cream
Pick Tami up
Go to Goodwill with everyone
Drop Tami and her children off at home
Pick Sean up from work
Take Savannah home
Pick up Taylor who got dropped off from Carissa's house with Shelly while Ellie was at ballet
Go home and eat dinner and go to bed.

All of that and I only left Aaron behind at Scouts accidentally (I noticed before I was even in the van).

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SRE said...

Can I just say Kalina weighed 17 pounds even on her first birthday...and not one person was concerned about her weight?! Doesn't the doctor have anything better to do?