Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Decade

My oldest son turned 10! He is a decade old, he entered double digits, 10 years old. I honestly cannot believe that much time has passed. He is my first boy after 2 girls. He is what I dreamed of, and prayed for. I told Sean that I wanted a boy born in March of 2000 and I got exactly what I wanted. He has always been a voracious eater, he was the latest of any of our children to walk (16 months old).

Aaron loves to help! He decorated a lot of the cake by himself after telling me preciously what he wanted. He is the strong silent type. He wears his heart on his sleeve and can be easily offended. He gives ample grace to those that do not really deserve it.

He is a willing learner and loves spelling and reading but cannot stand English (who knew). He always surprises me by what he already knows when I am teaching him something new.

Aaron reminds me of a great big golden retriever puppy, he is so friendly and wants to be liked but has no idea of the space that he uses. He is several inches taller than all of his friends, including those that are a few years older than him. He out weighs them by at least 20 pounds but would never use his size (if he is even aware that he could) to harm anyone.

My prayer for him as he grows to become a young man is that he will come to know Jesus as his personal Savior and will show responsibility and be a diligent worker. I hope that he will be a strong and courageous leader especially in his family and have a heart to serve.

This is probably one of my favorite photos of the day, I love Jake's excitement (far left),You can see Ben and Savannah as well in their enthusiasm. Aaron opened a Lego Indiana Jones Set. He got everything on his list!
How to Build Tree Houses, Huts, and Forts book
Lego Indian Jones - 3 different sets
Hockey Mask, and stick
and $10 bills galore
He is so responsible that he wants to put $40 in the bank and only have $20 to spend! Every mothers dream.

Aaron, may you always have such enthusiasm, and find joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Aaron said to me, "Moms are so cool, they always make things perfect!"

Back Row: Sarah, Kimberly, Geaba, Liberty, Taylor, Savannah, Ben, Evan
Front Row: Isobele, Ruby, Erik, Ian, Aaron, Jake, Everett, Mikaela

I loved that he used his Lego guys to decorate the cake, He took his diver apart and used him in 2 places.
Ben said, "Aaron how come you have a Nazi on your cake?"
Aaron replied,"It's a German."
Good thing we are not racist, but I guess we will have to cover WWII sometime soon.

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Nicole said...

I just love Aaron's face opening his Legos! He is such a sweetheart and I always remember him in our backyard after Noah's Baptism when he heard the train going by and just took off. "Me hear choo choo!" I am so glad he had a great day.