Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pinewood Derby

I tried to get some action photos at the Pinewood Derby but I only brought one lens and the lighting was not conducive to quality photos.
The boys were proud of their cars and Sean is really good at letting them make the decisions. I however, would have prodded them along to use more graphite, balance the wheels, at varnish to make them shiny, in short I would have dictated the decisions in hopes of a faster car.

That being said, it is better that I was not involved. Here is Ian's car minus the lead weights and the wheels that he borrowed from one of Erik's old cars.

Erik's car went faster when placed on the track backward. The same thing happened last year. None of the boys placed or won awards, but they were great sports and cheered their friends on! Ian had the hardest time with not winning, but I was very proud of my other two boys who said, "Ian, it isn't about winning but having a good attitude and lots of fun!"
So very true but from the competitive mama, it is a lot of fun to win too!

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