Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Most Excellent Day

Yesterday, I finally used my gift certificate to the Chrysalis Inn and Spa that I received for my birthday last May! Now don't get me wrong I was super excited to use it but life prevents us mom's from pampering ourselves. After my week of sickness and an extremely needy baby I decided that this was the perfect time to get away for the day.
Sean graciously said for me to take the whole day! I am not one to argue... After 2 and a half hours of steam room, aromatic shower, herbal tea, Swedish massage with self heating mud wrap and more aromatic shower I was completely relaxed.
Then, I met up with Syndi had a delicious lunch of Thai food and headed to several thrift stores! We had dinner out, just Taco Bell but good. And got home to all the children in bed. I made myself some tea and read my new book!
Thank you Sean for a wonderful day to relax and rejuvenate!

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