Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham

In an effort to expose the children to great literary works we threw together an impromptu celebration of the life of Theodore Geisel, also know as Dr. Seuss!

What better way to start the day than with children reading to other children.

I said to Syndi, "Dr. Seuss' Birthday is March 13th, we should do something." She said it sounded like a wonderful idea! Then, yesterday she called and said, "Actually Dr. Seuss' birthday was March 2, should we go ahead with the plan to have a party?"

I agreed and Syndi and Ben came over for Green Eggs and Ham breakfast, I think it would have been easier to make green scrambled eggs, but I really do not like scrambled eggs so I faked it!

Ian was shocked that I would make him eat that! He really thought that it was for decoration and that I would make him 'real' food.

Nope, only green eggs this morning!

I love the way Ruby is watching Ben read to her. She really likes, "Oh The Places You'll Go"

The Cat in the Hat Hats were one of the highlights of the day, and it was really difficult for the children to move on to another activity until every single had was eaten! I gave away the top part of mine but the brim was delicious.

We played a Cat in the Hat game. Seeing who could balance the most plates on cups and walk back and forth to get more. Syndi was the winner with 6 plates and 6 cups!
Taylor held the record at 5 each until she was bested by Synid, so she had to try again! You could almost see the thoughts in her brain (If she can do it, so can I)! Alas, she was only able to get 5 again, but she did make it further than the first time.
This game required quite a bit of concentration for the boys. The girls had the unfair advantage of patience and grace!

We made my absolute favorite craft after reading The Lorax. Ruby wanted her Truffula Trees to all be purple!

We read and read and read some more! We observed the drawings, discussed the words, tried some tongue twisters and rhyming.
We read Horton Hears a Who and made some adorable clovers with a speck of dust on them.

Of course, we could not forget Batholomew and the Oobleck! I think the Oobleck was Erik's favorite! He stayed at it long after everyone else lost interest.
When Sean and Aaron got home from Scouts tonight Sean asked me, "Why are Aaron's hands green?"

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