Monday, March 22, 2010


Six, that is how old my youngest son is. Six, that is how many hands helped to decorate the cake. Taylor and Aaron both wanted a chance to try! I was thrilled with the hope that perhaps one of them will feel the overwhelming desire to take over cake decorating.

Six, that is how many siblings Ian has.

Six, is so old. He had a specific guest list, Ben, Jake, Justin, Everett, and Sawyer. I had a lot of games planned and this one on the trampoline was not one of them. Sawyer and Ian put all of Sawyer's cars on the trampoline and jumped. Not sure what the point was, I bet they know.

Six hundred rounds of Red Light Green Light

Six thousand rounds of timed obstacle course, they had to go through a tunnel, around a curve, through tires, and weave through cones.

This was the highlight of all the children, they all wanted to be the fastest. Not one person could beat Erik's time, he had the height advantage of not having to crawl through the tunnel.

Two relay teams to roll the tires down around a cone and back. One injury of a child going over the tire and the tire rolling over him.

One black car and one red car competing for the fastest pit crew. They had to race to the pit, get all 4 tires changed, make a lap and change the tires again.

Six, so old and still my little boy. I always get a quite sentimental on Ian's birthday. For me it is a time to reflect on the additional six years that God has given me. His birth was wonderful! We had him at home in a tub. It was also the longest by far and I was exhausted. After he was born I had major complications and was not expected to survive. I praise God for the privilege of raising my children and for the journey I have travelled. I am thankful for the ever present reminder of His faithfulness and the joy in watching Ian become who he is.

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