Monday, March 15, 2010

Pi Day

My wonderful friend Syndi always lets me know about important dates and events! Take Yesterday for instance, the date was: March 14 or 3.14 The number Pi. See my Chicken Pot Pie with the Pi symbol on it??
My children are familiar with the number Pi because we read these great books that introduce math in a fun and informative way! The books are part of the Sir Cumference and Knights of the Round Table series.
I casually mentioned to Sean that it was Pi day and I was going to make an apple pie for dessert (I had an apple pie in the freezer). He said that he really wanted Key Lime Pie. I have never made Key Lime Pie before and did not even know he liked it, so after an Internet search I found a recipe that I only had to go buy 4 ingredients and proceeded to make a delicious Key Lime Pie.

After desert was over, Sean said that is not what he remembered Key Lime Pie to look like. I discovered later that what he really wanted was Pistachio Pie (which is made with jello pudding and dream whip ~super easy!). O Well, It was delicious and satisfied my husband that I was willing to make a special pie for him.

Sean did a mini lesson showing the children how to measure pie and then challenged them that if they told him the diameter of something he could tell them the circumference without using a calculator or paper.
He had them measuring like crazy and figuring out if he was right and the children were thrilled when he missed a number by something crazy like 1/2 cm. He was pretty impressive.

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