Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day

Around here, we are very Irish! My Father's Name was Patrick, my aunt was Shannon and my Uncle Michael, Mike for short.
Growing up we always had a great St Patty's Day dinner complete with green milk! I have tried green milk on my family, they don't appreciate it.
I do like to celebrate and create fun memories. Each child created a mini book about St. Patrick's Day. Some of them did hidden puzzles, or word searches. Others made rainbows with pots of gold and leprechaun marionettes. We found all our last minute fun projects at Enchanted Learning.
Traditionally we have Corned Beef (An American Irish Tradition), Cabbage, Rutabaga, and Mashed Potatoes. When I went shopping for St. Patrick's Dinner the store was out of red potatoes, rutabaga, and cabbage! I guess my idea was not so original after all. I substituted baking potatoes for the red potatoes and we went without rutabaga and cabbage. We had salad instead. I also purchased some beer to make the traditional beer bread. In the beer aisle of the store he said, "MOM, ARE YOU BUYING BEER THAT HAS ALCOHOL IN IT?"
I replied, "yes honey, it is for the beer bread."
I answered,"The alcohol cooks out when you bake it, so you will not get drunk."
Erik said, "OH GOOD! Then I will eat some."
Glad that is cleared up for all the Fred Meyer customers.
Sean invited a co-worker to join our festivities. He commented that it was difficult to tell the difference between the green mashed potatoes and the pistachio pie! I think Sean was a little embarrassed to serve green potatoes but it was all in fun! Ian and Ruby are convinced that the potatoes tasted 'mintish' like our green eggs from the Dr. Seuss Celebration.
We ended the evening with a competitive game of Blokus Trigone.

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Anonymous said...

Jessica is going thru her first communion classes at church and was stressed out about getting drunk from the wine, too! lol