Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday Continued

I really enjoyed seeing my family today. It seems like the children have all grown so much in the last week. They all looked beautiful, the boys all had on ties and button up shirts and the girls were in beautiful dresses and clean and neat. It ended up being a very warm day so we were able to enjoy the out door play area. which, by the way is located right next to the inpatient psyciatric ward, Hmmmm??
It was really difficult for me to utilize all the time and spend time with each child in such a short time. I was already really raw emotionally and pretty spent from crying then I just cried harder when they left. My mom came to the rescue with a rootbeer shake from Burgermaster. Other than that I really did not feel like eating.
Rebecca, a blog reader, stopped by today with the most encouraging note. I was disappointed that I missed meeting her and hope that someday I will, only under better circumstances.
Sean's dad, his 3 sisters, his dad's wife, and a fiancee of 1 of his sisters all joined us at the play area, it was lovely to see them and so sweet of them to bring an iced vanilla latte, and cupcakes.
I wish that I felt more like celebrating as I had so many wonderful wishes and feel so loved and supported but I was more in the mood for a pity party. I know and am holding fast to the promise that God does not give us more than we can handle and a spirit of fear is not from Him.
I have not gotten more than an hour and a half of sleep at any given time so I am off for a quick sleep before the next feeding at 11:15. God Bless

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