Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rainbow Party

We started Rainbow day with a purple breakfast of blueberry muffins, and mango blueberry smoothies.
We invited Ben and Syndi to join our party!

Justice and Erik were taking a break from the activities and watching everyone else make their stepping stones. Sean was in charge of getting the quick crete but bought cement instead. Most of the stepping stones turned out beautifully but unfortunately some of them will have to be redone.

We made tie dye shirts, everyone except Ian wanted swirl patterns so I attempted to demonstrate how to do it. I remember doing it at Keepers Camp last year so I was hoping that I learned how to do it better. Syndi donated a really nice kit that she got from a garage sale for $3!

I did Ruby's dress and 'helped' Ian quite a bit but it was really enjoyable to have all the other children able to do their own dyeing. Even Erik was mostly responsible.

Savannah was hot so Ben and Aaron went and got our beach umbrella but since Savannah had worked it out with sunglasses they used it for shade for themselves. We were really happy that the sun decided to shine on our fun day!

Jess spent all week making this beautiful Jello Ring for our party. Ian and Ruby did not like it but everyone else enjoyed it. Sean made us burgers on the outdoor toaster (BBQ) that were to die for! We also enjoyed rainbow dips of salsa, guac, sour cream, and peppers. Jess brought rainbow sherbet and I made funfetti cake! I think one of my highlights was definitely the food.

Libby has really started talking~it seemed like she was trying to tell everyone how to properly make their stepping stones.

You gotta love to see those boys work, they all took turns mixing the cement and getting it to the perfect consistency for the stones. I found some really cool stones in rainbow colors to commemorate rainbow week.

The hardest part for me was doing something every day but it really cemented the learning for the children. Even Ruby knows how to spell red now. Using so many different methods (M&M's, watercolor, light, milk, pencils, crayons, food, books, actions, movies, and more) helped them to see all the ways light and color are in the environment and how creative God is in his use of color.
Thank you so much to Jess and her family for doing this together and for such fun and memories! and thank you to Renee and Hilary for the ideas!

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