Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Red Day

Monday was the kick-off day of Rainbow week. We discussed the creation of rainbows, Noah and the Flood, the color wheel and primary and secondary colors. Jess did an experiment using milk, food coloring, and dish soap and we watched the colors mix. It was really neat to see the different bowls mix in different ways. The children then drew pictures of what they observed.

It is fun to work with Jess on this because she is a great gatherer, organizer, and planner, and I am really good at doing what I am told to do. I was a little concerned that Taylor was going to get frustrated with Savannah doing her project exactly the same. I asked Taylor about that and she replied, "Imitation is the best form of flattery." What a great sport!

I admire how Jess gets right in there and experiences it with the children. Probably my favorite was the ice cubes that were made using primary colors and then put into bags to melt. Red and Blue, Yellow and Blue, and Red and Yellow.

Ruby did some of the experiments but mostly looked at books and helped to feed Honor and Justice. It is pretty cute to see her hold Honor who is over half the size of her. She also spent a lot of time nursing, diapering, and burping her baby.

We had a red lunch: Braeburn apples, red pepper, craisins, strawberries, pizza and Cranberry Soda (which my children did not care for-at all).
The rest of the day was equally busy. We went to Cub Scouts, Cash n Carry, JoAnn Fabric, back to Jess' to pick up Taylor, Ruby and Ian, home for a quick dinner then off to a Ladies' Tea with Deanna and her girls and Jess and Savannah and Taylor, Libby and I. Whew! This was a successful and fun day 1.

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