Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Orange Day

Tuesday, we met at our house and I was in charge of the activities. I felt some pressure to measure up to the fun we had at Jess' house so we began Orange day with a chromatography experiment using coffee filters and watching the water travel up the filter and separate the colors. There were some really cool designs and we discovered the highlighter pens do not work.
Then, we had a color scavenger hunt. The children had to find the next clue on an object of the color they just found. I bought a scavenger hunt book from Klutz Books, it has been a great investment and we have used it over and over again. At the end of the hunt the clue was black, it took some hunting but they finally found a HUGE bag of M&M's in my oven! We used the M&M's to do some estimating (which really made Ian sad, because he did not understand, poor little guy) we also did graphing (it was much more difficult than I anticipated. But thanks to some quick thinking on Jess' part the activity was saved) OK so I know that was a run on sentence but frankly my brain cannot figure out how to fix it. Then they got to eat the M&M's. I also helped myself to a few.

We painted a color wheel on paper plates, we discovered that we had to paint the bottom because the paint did not stick on the front side. Way to adapt! Then we used Aaron's Snap Circuit and spun the plates. It was supposed to turn white but instead we only say primary colors. Maybe it would have worked if we could spin it faster?
We had Orange Lunch: Grilled Cheese sandwiches (we call them boy-cheese not girl cheese), Orange Peppers, Peaches, Apricots, Tomato Soup, and Orange Juice. Funny thing is I forgot about the Carrots.

Even Honor and Justice had on Orange for the festivities! I love those cheeks, only wish I knew how to crop Ian out of the photo. After lunch we dyed eggs and experimented using rubber bands, wax and mixing colors. I divided up the eggs only to discover later that I accidentally used one dozen that were not hard boiled. That should be fun to figure out. We tried to do the 'spin technique' but they all spun the same.

This is Aaron's new picture look. After Jess and the family left Syndi and Ben came over to do a wee bit of the American Revolution. We all painted some Red Coats, and Minute Men. It was very tedious but all the children, save Erik did a very precise job. Erik's soldier was painted all red because he was wounded and dieing!

Syndi was extremely patient with Ruby during the painting time. Ruby just kept wanting more and more paint and ended up with it in her hair and on her arms. I felt bad that I did nothing to help, I just laughed and Syndi cleaned it up.
Syndi read the story of the Liberty Bell and they added one more component to their lap books! All in All it was another successful day!

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