Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blue Day

How could I have forgot?!? Yesterday while at my house Jake ran out to the play set and whacked (I'm a home schooler, I can make up words if I want to) his foot on the border. He broke his toe! This is a picture of the covered wagon that the children made out of our wagon and pulled Jake around in. We ended up taking the covered part off for the walk, but Aaron was such a great friend pulling Jake and including him in the exploration. Ruby even hitched a ride with Jake toward the end of the walk, it was very sweet.

Back to Jessica's for Blue Day on Friday! We began by doing some copy work and coloring. This week has showed me where I need to improve on my teaching and also what my children are capable of, especially the one that tries to get out of work by saying that they don't know how to do it. All of the children were so respectful and hard working. We fit all of us, Libby and I included into the powder bathroom. It was the only room with no windows and completely dark. Jess did a really cool experiment with flashlights and color pieces. We were able to see some of the secondary colors but when we combined them all, they did not make white. Some scientific discovery told us that the experiment did not work the way it was intended because the flashlights were not true white and the walls were not white either. I keep telling myself it is the process not the product!

Next, the children made pie graphs. They figured out percentages, and did some division and graphing using skittles. It was yummy, and I learned a thing or two.

Poor Erik had me helping him and we had to keep redrawing the percentage pieces. I was really grateful that I taught bar graphing, it was much easier to explain!

We had blueberry bagels with blue cream cheese, blue (dark purple) grapes, and blueberries! Blue food that is not really bad for you is difficult to find. However after lunch Jess and I were not satisfied! Jessica's wonderful husband went to the local Mexican restaurant and brought us back chips, salsa and a delicious Chalupa!What a guy and what a way to save the day!

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