Tuesday, May 19, 2009

thank you all for your support

Liberty and I are still at Children's Hospital. We are doing well and really appreciate all the love, prayers and support. I won't deny the lattes and desserts are an added bonus (thanks Tami, her mom, Kimberly and Geaba)
The doctors are still doing tests and trying supplemental feeding, thankfully we are doing it with a nurser and breast milk. We are both having a hard time getting up every 3 hours around the clock, doing weight checks both pre and post feed and weighing diapers and pumping on top of it. They estimate we will be here through the week but not for certain.
Sean and the others are doing well albeit very busy and adjusting to different schedules (I run a pretty tight ship) He and the children are enjoying the meals, thank you Tami B, Aumony, Naomi, and our friends at BCF.
I am so thankful for all the support and the visits, but most importantly the prayers.
Please continue to pray for Libby's weight and to figure out where all the calories are going. Off to pump.....again.

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Rebecca M said...

Oh, all the pumping and weighing! I'm praying for answers for Libby's doctors and healing AND I know that all the pumping can be hard on you as a mommy so I'll pray for that too!

My most recent baby had a hard time gaining weight in the beginning. He and I saw several nursing specialists and at least one of them tossed out the "failure to thrive" diagnosis.

One of the hardest things for me during that time was the feeling that I wasn't enough somehow- Nursing and growing seemed to go by the book for my other three and here I was with a baby I couldn't seem to nurse well enough.

I'll pray that the answers come quickly so you and your sweet girl can return to your family soon!