Sunday, May 10, 2009

Green Day

Some green frog eggs that Erik found on our walk after Green Day Activities.

Thursday was Green Day in our Rainbow Week! We began by experimenting with watercolors. When we first started Jake said, "mom, I don't really like this." Not to toot my own horn I think I did a pretty good job explaining and demonstrating the techniques. I am NOT an artist. I am much to picky and I like things to look like Hilary's crafts. Watercolor is definitely not a precise craft. Savannah and Erik and a little bit Taylor resisted using the water because it would mess up their picture, Savannah was persuaded by the temptation of a watercolor pin for Keepers at Home.
By the end of our 'session' the Keepers and Contenders had earned pins, and the Cub Scouts had earned belt loops, Not Bad!
My favorite part was that Jake said, "hey mom, remember when I said I didn't really like watercolor? Well I was wrong, I like it!" For me, that made everything we were doing worth it!

Ruby is such a great little helper she just loves to feed Justice. If she is not there when the babies need fed she goes and gets her baby and feeds it.

Ian was pretty excited for Green Day lunch! His favorite foods are green, again the funny thing is that we forgot to serve the green broccoli. We had Delicious green limeade floats, grapes, kiwi, celery, pistachio pudding, and spinach herb lettuce wraps with ham and cheese. Yum, I wish I could eat like that every day.

When Jess got to my house Ian looked at the boys and exclaimed, "Hey look their PJ's match, they are twins!" It cracks me up that he didn't realize that, just like when I said something about Renee's son, Moredcai being adopted my children were shocked!

After lunch we made window clings using tissue paper and liquid starch, they turned out really pretty but were so messy (especially the ones that went on the window starch side touching) that I was not able to take any pictures of them.
At 1:30 we were done and all cleaned up and looked at each other with a big sigh. Jess said exactly what I was thinking, "It is a long time until bed!" We decided to call Ben and Syndi and go for a walk. It was perfect! We all enjoyed stretching our legs, some fresh air and exploration. Erik has an internal magnet toward anything frog and at the pond he found some frog eggs. Of course with our frog saga we could not just leave them there so Taylor, Ben and Erik went home at got a bucket (They picked a really nice one off of the shelves that we use for honey) and we collected the eggs and brought them home. We are anxiously awaiting the hatching of the eggs.

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