Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to me.

OK so it isn't exactly a Happy Birthday but I don't want to complain. The doctor came in the AM and informed us that no, we do not get to go home. He was very compassionate and even remembered to wish me a happy birthday. It looks like the NG tube is inevitable. instead of the expected 70g of weight gain Libby lost 90g that is a negative 160!! I have been feeding her every hours and using fortified breast milk that is high calorie and she is still not gaining! I am very discouraged.
Our wonderful nurse, Amanda brought me a delicious chocolate mousse pie and her and several other nurses sang me happy birthday.
I am waiting for Sean and the Children to come and visit and have a picnic. I miss them all terribly.
I had a killer migraine last night and could not get aspirin to save my life. Fortunately my father in law and his wife came for a visit and I was able to take some vicoden.
My sister in law, Nicole came and kept us company for a while. I really enjoyed our time together and a chance to really talk, which is difficult to come by.
My headache still persists but hopefully having my own pillows will help. I know the 'bed' doesn't do anything for me. Also, I am finding it very difficult to feel like I am getting any exercise. Well, I need to go change a diaper and put a sweet little Libby down for a nap. I will post later and let you know the plan but for now, We are still here.


Chantel said...

Happy Birthday Carolynn! Sorry you aren't getting to truely celebrate and nor is it what you expected, but rejoice in Jesus for the amazing family you have! Praying....

Anissa said...

I'm not going to call since I know you're swamped with calls --but I'm definitely wishing you a happy birthda. Love you.