Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yellow Day

For Yellow day Libby wore a little outfit that was mine when I was a baby! She kept taking the booties off and sucking on her toes. Ever since she discovered her toes they are constantly in her mouth. Her feet get that cold clammy feeling that comes from being wet! Sometimes she misses her mouth and gets poked in the eye. It makes me laugh, but I do feel bad for her because she looks so surprised when it happens. We began by watching a Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD about light and color. He did not have a Biblical World view but we discussed that and moved on. My favorite part was the crayon factory. I would love to go take a tour of a crayon factory, anyone know where the closest one is?

We enjoyed popcorn (yellow) with the movie and Jess even put some skittles in the bottom of their popcorn containers! How fun!

They worked on some more parts for their lapbooks, and Jess saved the day again by her extreme patience working with Erik on his letters. That boy does not want to attempt anything unless he knows he can excel at it. She talked about being grown up and independent and practice. I know I need to work with him more on writing but he knows how to push my buttons. Please pray for me in that area.

For lunch we had lemonade, 'Olivia Eggs' (deviled eggs), Honey Mustard, home made pretzels, yellow peppers, bananas, and pears.

I needed a few items for tomorrow and Jess offered to keep the kids while I went to the store, ALONE!! Seriously the first time since Libby was born that I have been completely alone. I went to the Library, grocery store and dollar store in 45 minutes!

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