Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Because We Can.

We have had a fabulous week so far and it is only Wednesday morning! On Monday we kidnapped Ben and Syndi for an impromptu skip school day! Taylor went to spend a few days with my mom and we were going to meet half way. When my mom got to the said meeting place (Children's Museum) We discovered that the museum is closed on Mondays. Fortunately we have children that enjoy the same things we do so we went to Goodwill! I found some great books and a couple of fun games! Syndi found some treasures as well. We then went to a fun park to enjoy our Cinnamon Dulce Lattes and the winter sunshine. After that we hit another Goodwill then Dairy Queen to enjoy ice cream before we went home to dinner!

Then today, Ruby wanted to wear her 'cupcake' dress but only if we could make cupcakes! We enjoyed our morning walk in what felt like spring weather, came home did a condensed version of school then made our cupcakes. We used a new recipe from a chocolate cookbook I picked up at Goodwill~ They were delicious!

Ruby was quite proud and freely shared her cupcakes with the neighbors, with Jess and her children when they stopped by and is bringing some to her friends today!
We were surprised and pleased that Mikaela came for a visit today! We played tennis, baseball, jump rope, and Blokus.She read the children their bedtime stories and we had a chance to catch up.
I feel very blessed to have a healthy family and time to enjoy watching my children grow and playing alongside them!

This morning Erik drew the winner of the Starbucks card! I really appreciate the comments and ideas, we are using a combination of the ideas and have seen drastic improvement.
And the winner is...... Heather! Congrats Heather I will bring you the card next time I see you.
We are off to enjoy another beautiful sunny day!


bruland said...

Is that me Hannah's mom. If so I am VERY excited. I always knew Eric was my favorite :) Thanks to Eric for drawing my name and glad to hear you have found a solution that is working for you guys. We are feeling a little jealous about the cupcakes so if a van full of Brulands shows up at your door you will know what we are looking for :)

Carolynn said...

Yes it is you, like small Hannah's mom! We love company and would welcome an opportunity for impromptu parties! See you soon.