Monday, January 25, 2010

So Close

Last weekend we went to visit my Father in Law, his wife, Melody, and Sean's youngest sister, Shelby. The children had a fabulous time and Sean got some much needed time with his dad. I, however, got a killer migraine and fever, chills, insomnia, and nausea.
We planned to stop at Aunt Karina's house and finally get to meet baby Loden but alas, Ian and Ruby were sick as well. So while we did go to their house I waited in the van with the children while Sean went in to visit. It was killing me not to get my hands on that sweet boy!

I will have to be satisfied with the picture below that Sean took with Loden's daddy, Ryan. While at Aunt Karina's house we dropped off Christmas gifts and picked up Christmas gifts from Aunt Nicole and the other Uncle Ryan.
I don't know if it was some cruel joke but Sean's twin sisters both married men named Ryan. and before Karina got married we had a photo of Karina,Nicole, cousin Noah and Nicole's Ryan. My children thought that Karina and Nicole were both married to Ryan and Noah was their baby. While we do have a lot to discuss, polygamy was not on my list of things to teach.

As I mentioned before Sean and his dad got some quality time together while they went to buy oysters for dinner. They bought 60 oysters and not a single on was left. I graciously took an oyster and left the rest for everyone else. I would not want to seem greedy or anything. Liberty made up for my lack of consumption with her eagerness to consume, she ate 6 oysters! She is only 12 months old but eats like the rest of them.

Ruby really enjoyed coloring with Melody and was very free with her comments. "you a good colorer.", and "That looks pretty!" You might notice that the coloring book is upside down and that is on purpose, Ruby had very specific pictures she wanted Melody to color.
The children enjoyed riding horses, playing with the goat, and as always climbing trees.

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