Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fort Langley

The oldest building in British Columbia, it was built without any nails or screws. It is located inside the walls of Fort Langley. At the blacksmith shop, Ameda made our group a hook. It was one of the highlights of the tour. Ameda clearly loves her job and her enthusiasm was contagious.

Thursday we took one of the best field trips ever! Syndi is the teacher of our history co-op and planned this trip 2 months ago! We were utterly disappointed when we got to her house Thursday morning and she said Ben was too sick to go. Although we had a fabulous time we missed her and Ben and Jess and Honor! I have been feeling really sick but pushed myself to go. Honestly I think it would have been more difficult to stay home than to go. I was so thankful that my mom was able to come last minute to enjoy the site with us, and to help me out! Back Row: Jake, Savannah (her doll Jubilee), Taylor (her doll Elizabeth), Aaron

Middle Row: Ian, Erik

Front Row: Ruby (her doll Katelia is on her back), Justice, Liberty

The girls wore their pioneer dresses, the boys all had the coon skin caps they made and mountain men clothes. Ruby and Libby were Sacajawea and Pomp respectively.

We had the best tour guide ever, her name was Ameda and her knowledge was impressive along with her joy of teaching and enthusiasm. She presented enough information interspersed with hands on activities to bring the history to life! Erik was the first to find gold when we went panning!

The children got to walk around the top of the walls of the fort and see the Fraser River! They had to work like the children worked when they lived at the fort. The bundled fur that our children carried was much lighter then the 86 pound bundles they carried when the fort was active. Taylor was so sweet, she stayed back with Ian as he carried his bundle while the rest of the older children ran with their furs.
The children 'built' a small, but life size, replica of the oldest building in B.C. It was like playing with giant Lincoln Logs!

One of our favorite traditions when we go to Canada is stopping for a huge box of Timbits (donut holes) from Tim Horton's on our way home, that with the Starbucks Cinnamon Dulce Latte and it was a perfect day!
I will post more about the fur trade and history of Hudson Bay Company and our wonderful trip but I am sick and need to sleep!

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Kristy said...

I really do love your blog, it gives me so many great ideas! I have to admit, I was thrilled to see this post. I just read about this house in a Museum Monday and decided I had to find out where it is so I could take the girls.

Thanks for all the interesting blogs!