Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I have some pretty amazing daughters. Today, Taylor was very disappointed when her friend got sick and was not able to come over for awhile. She has come so far.... When she was little I spent many hours with her sitting on the stairs learning to breathe to get control of herself. It is not always easy but she has an amazing amount of self control and is readily available to help. She loves things clean, the van, the living room, the bathrooms, not so much the kitchen. But she will cheerfully clean up and beg for someone to take her to Scrubby's Car Wash to clean the van!
I am proud of the young lady she is becoming.
Here is my other right hand girl! Ruby is a bit rough. She has spunk and personality enough for several 3 year olds.
Ruby says, "I love you mama, I am being obedient." I wonder if that means when she disobeys she doesn't love me?
Ruby quickly offers to help and loves to be useful. Sometimes it is much more work for me to have her help so I quickly offer up a prayer for an extra measure of grace and patience and train her to learn how to be more Christ like.

Sometimes I cannot believe Liberty is already one and other times I cannot believe she is only one. It is hard to remember life without her. She is such a sweet baby. She also wants to be included in whatever Ruby is doing and LOVES Taylor almost as much as she loves me.
She likes to talk on the cell phone, put things in her purse, hang out on my hip, and she adores animals as long as she is above them.

And this young woman grew much too quickly, she was gone before I knew it. She makes me realize that each day with the others is a gift and I need to use the time wisely. Mikaela is in her second year at community college and got her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) in October! She has had to face many things at work that I have never even encountered.
I pray that my daughters will all be Godly wives and mothers and that they will know the joy of parenting girls and that they will cherish that privilege.


Nicole said...

They are such great girls! I'm very proud to have them as my nieces. I love Lobby's intensity with the tea party. Is it the Blain Tea Party?

Tami said...

You inspire me too! I love that we get to raise our girls together.

Stacy said...

Such a great post on your daughters! What wonderful (beautiful!) girls you are raising.