Sunday, January 3, 2010

Liberty's First Birthday

Liberty was celebrated on her birthday! We put her high chair in the middle of the living room and sang her a hearty Happy Birthday song, she applauded all of us. She loves to see what is going on and joins in with great joy on any song, with clapping and dancing.

My sweet baby girl turned one on January 1st. How is that possible. I so clearly remember last year waiting, and waiting, and waiting for her to arrive. I remember thinking she would be here before Christmas, then before the new year. Finally thinking we would have the first baby of the new year. She was the second by 20 minutes!

She has grown so much although she has only gained 6 1/2 pounds. She is walking, she has 4 signs (more, all-done, bye-bye, and please). She can feed herself with a spoon and say mama, and shake her head no. If you tell her to say hello, she holds the phone up to her ear.

Mikaela gets a infamous hug from Ruby. Liberty has 3 very strong willed sisters and 3 adoring brothers to care for her. Liberty can express her opinion very clearly!

Ben does not like anyone to take his hat off his head with the ONLY exception being Libby. She always greats him with a smile and a reach for his hat. She loves to put his hat on her head, but then she cannot see where she is going.
Ben, and his parents Tim and Syndi celebrated Liberty's birthday with us! It was a perfect party at the end of a perfect day.

We were so happy that Geaba and Sarah came up for Liberty's birthday. Sarah loves to play with Ruby and constantly talks about baby Libby (she doesn't talk much around us!) They even spent the night so Sean and I could go on a date the next day! I am not sure where my mom gets all her energy, I hope to have half of what she has when I am a grandma.

I made Liberty her very own carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! She dug right in, I was disappointed to have missed the photo where her eyes were crossed.
Libby is quick to offer a smile from the safety of my arms. She is very social and has the best dimples!
She is such a girl, she was so cute opening her gifts and was as equally excited about the shirt from Grandma Chris as she was about the singing tea pot. She even pretends to pour the tea pot into the cups and carries the cute little purple cups with her everywhere.

.... and proclaim liberty throughout all the land,
unto all the inhabitants thereof:
it shall be a jubilee unto you.
Leviticus 25:10

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Anonymous said...

Oh joy to you! I'm teary. Congratulations-Tami