Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Recap

We had such a wonderful Christmas. We were incredibly busy but it seemed like this year I was less stressed and spent less money and spent more time with people I care about.
All of the children helped with the decorating and the cleaning. Ruby is a great helper and loves to feel useful. We had a Christmas Dipping Party complete with a chocolate fountain, cheese dip, marinara sauce, chili dip, and other wonderful food that could be dipped in all the delicious sauces. What can be better than good food with good friends!

I already blogged about our Hanukkah Party which was not only super fun but educational as well (always a goal of mine, fun and educational). We also made gingerbread houses and as you can see from the above photo my hands are on the left and Syndi's are on the right. I feel like what ever I do is messy and does not look like the example. In other words, I am a perfectionist and I want picture perfect. I keep telling myself it is the process not the product!

Ruby and Erik were creative in getting to their dip at the dipping party!

I am not sure where Ruby was when I took this photo, because Ruby, Ian and Isobele are ALWAYS together!
I enjoyed lunch with friends, Naomi's Annual Ladies Christmas Party, Dinner with some longtime friends, parties with our home school friends, and I love getting picture Christmas cards in the mail!

Ben brought the children each a carefully chosen book and Taylor also got some homemade soap in the shape of a horse and it was wrapped in a homemade basket!
We are blessed with a wonderful group of friends and like minded people to share in our daily lives. I am happy that my husband has a great job and we have amazing children.
Now, back to our regular routine. Look for future posts about how our school works and ideas that we really like and areas that I am looking for a better way to meet our goals.

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