Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Way to Do Things.

My dad used to say,"Ruby don't take your guns to town." I am pretty sure it is the name of a song, although others have said, "Ruby don't take your love to town." I think both of those are good words of wisdom for my girl. I found her like this after history last week. Apparently, when your brothers friend brings his hat and gun to your house it is fair game for all. Check out these cool hats the older children made during history.
I asked Ruby to pick up her 5 million kitchen toys that were all over the place. She came back with them all picked up! Unfortunately, I did not specify where to put them when she picked them up.

I kept waking up all night long last night because Liberty was not feeling well and I was waiting for the potty alarm that Ruby is wearing to go off. I finally thought that the alarm must have come undone because it wasn't going off. It went off at 7:15am! I know it is not supposed to go off when you have finally become successful but she went 10 hours without 'going'!

Liberty loves to brush her teeth with my toothbrush! OK so it really isn't the same end I use, but it cracks me up. Sometimes she even puts her mouth around the whole end!
My life is so rich and full of joy because of these precious blessings! As difficult as some days are I am amazed that God has trusted me with the privilege of raising these children.
Taylor watched Ian and Isobele today while I took a nap with Ruby and Libby was napping in her room (the boys were at scouts with Tami).Taylor fed them lunch and they played games and made a craft. Taylor even took a phone message for me it was: "The doctor called to remind you that all the children have an appointment tomorrow at 10:40." Now, only if I knew what doctor...

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