Sunday, January 3, 2010

Polar Bear Swim

For some reason I cannot figure out, Sean loves to do the Polar Bear Swim. Every year (except last year,we were in the hospital with a baby who was 10 hours old) at noon on January 1st Sean enjoys jumping into Birch Bay!

He always tries to get others to join him, and has been successful with getting Aaron,Erik and Ian in the water in the past. This year only Erik was brave enough (or is it crazy enough?) to join.

Erik looks pretty pathetic here but he was actually counting down the days to the Polar Bear Swim. I am sure that he enjoys the bragging rights. He tried to convince me to let Liberty go so we could win the prize for the youngest participant.

Erik went in up to his armpits and Sean took his time and dove under ~more than once! I am sure it is refreshing and a great way to start the new year fresh. I think I will just have to trust him on that.

Sean does not like to make resolutions, but prefers to make goals. I will share with you some of my goals for 2010:

Personal:To update my ICEA and Doula Certifications, To have monthly menu plans and weekly school plans,

Physical: To run a 5K and a 10K this year, to lose 40 pounds.

Spiritual:To finish at least one chapter in my Balancing the Sword Bible Study. To memorize the book of James.

Financial: To redo our budget and stick to it! To have money left in the bank after each paycheck.

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Anissa said...

Okay, BRRR! I'm in pain just looking at this picture. Do the paramedics come and hang out for this event? You know, for all the people who stroke out from the cold water?!?! Holy cow! Or should I say, "Holy icewater, Batman!" Yikes!