Sunday, March 1, 2009

Conversations with Erik

Erik said, " I really wish you would have named our baby Katelia" (a name he made up)

Sean said, "Well I guess you can name one of your daughters that"

Erik replied, "No, I am going to name my kids after Santa's reindeer. What is it Francer?"

It totally cracks me up that he does not even know the names of the reindeer.

Today at Cub Scouts Erik was terrific! He loves to share, gives excellent compliments to his fellow scouts, follows directions and is extra helpful. I would love to know the secret to why he is so easy at scouts as opposed to elsewhere. He truly is a different child.

Today we discussed what the scouts want to be when they grow up. Erik colored a picture (amazing in and of itself) of a soldier. I really am not surprised. This is the child that takes his PJ's out of his drawer to refold them when they get the least bit messed up. He also asks me to iron his shirts, and takes forever to unload the dishwasher because he has to put the plates and cups away in the same color order.

What really surprised me was how much the short discussion of honesty took hold on him. Several months ago someone untied the curtain in my bathroom and nobody fessed up to it. Today Erik told me it was him and he was telling me because it is important to be honest. He confessed to several other small wrongs.

All I can say it Thank You to the other parents for what ever it is we are doing right at scouts and I am trying to copy it at home.

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